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Jessica Geare by hibarikyouya4 Jessica Geare :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 5 0 Hana Kimi by hibarikyouya4 Hana Kimi :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 2 0 Rem Nocturne by hibarikyouya4 Rem Nocturne :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 3 0 Captain Greta whitetail by hibarikyouya4 Captain Greta whitetail :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 3 0 Zsofia by hibarikyouya4 Zsofia :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 8 0 Belladonna Moriarty by hibarikyouya4
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Belladonna Moriarty :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 6 0
My Life With Pinkie Pie Ch 1
"With celestias permission I hope to allow you to keep our photos , our memories, with you so that you will never forget. again i love you and thank little daughter always, your little dashie forever, Rainbow Dash." the voice on my computer said as I sat back tears in my eyes as I finished watching My Little Dashie for the latest time.I forgot how many times ive seen it but it had become my favorite piece of fanmade work in the MLP community.Sometimes i have envisioned myself having the same story play out with different ponies .....rarity....applejack.....twilight.....even derpy hooves  whom was one of my favorites but there was one pony whom I wished that would happen with more than anypony.
Pinkie Pie
She wasnt simply just a silly party pony in my eyes, she was more of the physical representation of my own personal crazy life.not that my life was filled with changeling attacks, chocolate rain, and the occasional animation glitch. but more in the sense that it see
:iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 2 1
Ways To Annoy Rainbow Dash
alright I've recovered enough from the vicious beating Twilight gave me after the first chapter of this series to continue work on this For this one im choosing a pony with a hopefully better sense of humor(nervous laugh) so heres
                               WAYS TO ANNOY RAINBOW DASH
1.introduce rainbow dash to the cupcakes creepypasta. then arrange for pinkie pie to deliver cupcakes afterwards and make sure there is  a yellow one with pink frosting. then remark that you haven't seen fluttershy today.(before this give fluttershy tickets to an event involving animals thats out of ponyville as to leave her home empty)
2.spread a rumor that the wonderbolts are disbanding .
3.convince scootaloo that rainbow dash is looking for a protege but in order to get it she has to prove to her that shes worthy. suggest that attempting to spend as much time as possible with her will increase her odds greatly and t
:iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 1 0
Beate by hibarikyouya4 Beate :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 3 0 Juvia Society by hibarikyouya4 Juvia Society :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 15 1 Angelika Klein by hibarikyouya4 Angelika Klein :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 4 0
Mature content
Ways To Annoy Twilight Sparkle :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 2 1
Jenna Cipher by hibarikyouya4 Jenna Cipher :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 4 0 Alice Angel by hibarikyouya4 Alice Angel :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 6 1 Annabella Bellasandra by hibarikyouya4 Annabella Bellasandra :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 8 1 Star Genesis by hibarikyouya4 Star Genesis :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 5 0


Not your tea - TG
"For the last time I said no!" yelled Amy as she tried to keep her cup full of tea away from Richard.
"Why won't you let me at least taste it?" replied Richard as he tried grabbing the cup.
"It's for pregnant WOMEN" said Amy as she emphasized the word women.
Amy was your average looking women with long brown hair and an obvious pregnant belly that stuck out of her dress clothes. Richard on the other hand was your average guy whose curious tendencies get him into all kinds of trouble. Then there was the poor cup of tea filled close to the brim with a special blend that's intended for pregnant women.
The main reason why Richard was hell bent on trying this brand of tea was because Amy would go on and on about how delicious it tasted and all these other little things. Of course when Richard asked Amy the first time if he could have a small taste she politely declined with the same remark.
Richard finally gave up and left Amy's cubicle and began to walk back to his own but decided against
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 152 9
At The Rodeo - TG
Mike and Hank decided to attend a rodeo show on a warm Friday night for the "Free Drinks Friday" that took place once a month. The catch was you had to dress up like a cowboy/cowgirl and sign up for a chance to be part of the act. Well both guys were only interested in the free drinks so they decided to suck it up and dress like cowboys.
"Why do I have to get stuck with the girly hat?" asked Hank in an annoyed tone.
"Because it belongs to your mom and its the only hat we could find at the last minute? Nobody is gonna know the hat was intended for a girl unless you actually say something." replied Mike as he dug into his pockets for the tickets.
Mike handed the tickets to a women who in turn told them to have a fun ol' time at the rodeo. Both walked in and tried not to look uncomfortable in such a new place and the fact the clothes they had on weren't the most comfortable thing.
"Well lets go find us a good seat and close to where they sell the drinks." said Hank as he began to walk up
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 77 7
Secretaries Wanted
(This story contains TF, TG, and takes place in the Animal Crossing world. If you would rather not have your memories of AC tainted in such a fashion, this story is not for you)
“Ugh! Where’d I put the papers?” I complained to no one in particular. “Not in my bedroom, not in the kitchen...” I mutter, before catching a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye. Sure enough, there they were, sitting on the coffee table, exactly where I had prepared them.
It was a more hectic morning than usual today. Admittedly, I’m not much of a morning person, but that would have to change soon. A lot of things would have to change, probably. Don’t get me wrong, though, despite my ridiculousness today, it was mostly from my own excitement.
But I should slow down. My name is Isaac, and the cause of my stress for the morning was a letter I had received a few days ago. I was looking for a job for a while but had finally gotten a response back
:iconmrtherandomguy42:MrTherandomguy42 11 0
Mature content
A-Mei-Zing! (Mei TG/TF) :icontgtf:TGTF 55 5
D.Va (Overwatch) TF TG (Request)
Brandon was at his house playing Overwatch on his computer late at night when he heard the doorbell ring. "I just have to finish this level first," said Brandon. When he finished playing, he went to the door and opened it. Below Brandon was a small brown box with the eBay logo on it.
"That's strange, I don't remember ordering anything from eBay. And why did they send this to me at 11:00 PM?," asked Brandon. He took a closer look at the box. The sticker on the top showed Brandon's name and address on it. "I think this belongs to someone else," said Brandon. He only had two options: open the box or send it back without opening it. "This might be a mix-up, but i'll open this box anyway," said Brandon.
Brandon took the box to his room and put it on his bed. He grabbed some scissors from his desk and cut the tape on the box. Brandon opened the box and saw an Overwatch-themed headset. "Wow, I just got D.Va's headset! This must be my lucky day," said Brandon. He took the headset out of the bo
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 29 1
A-Mei-Zing! by HeelLana
Mature content
A-Mei-Zing! :iconheellana:HeelLana 353 12
Widowmaker TG - [Overwatch] by Gwyndolin115
Mature content
Widowmaker TG - [Overwatch] :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 445 16
COMMISSION: Welcome to my Reality by FieryJinx COMMISSION: Welcome to my Reality :iconfieryjinx:FieryJinx 319 8 Tracer-ized! (TG, RQ for kingpurpleknight7087) by Shantae07 Tracer-ized! (TG, RQ for kingpurpleknight7087) :iconshantae07:Shantae07 72 5
Mature content
The Kiss of the Widow (Widowmaker TG TF) :iconwavercd:waverCD 118 8
Genji to Mech TF/ TF TG AP (Overwatch)

    Still blinding him, Genji covered his visor with his hand to try and clear his vision of the light that had blinded him moments before. As he slowly cleared his vision, he was unaware of what was about to take place. Genji felt a pressure as his robotic exoskeleton merged into what remained of his human form. He cried out for help, unsuccessfully, as he became a full omnic.
    Sadly, the changes didn't stop there for Genji. Multiple changes started happening across his body, his feet becoming larger and legs bulking up, especially in the thighs, his fingers shrinking and merging together, and his head shrinking into his expanding torso. Genji let out another desperate scream for help as his head/torso region started expanding, looking vaguely similar to a mech's cockpit. A sudden pressure in his rear caused him to move his larger, bulkier finger less
:icondwarfon:Dwarfon 51 0
Overwatch - Zarya TG  (Commission) by Gwyndolin115 Overwatch - Zarya TG (Commission) :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 118 13 Pharah Overwatch TG - (Commission) by Gwyndolin115 Pharah Overwatch TG - (Commission) :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 251 15
Mercy TF TG AP (Overwatch)
       Above image by Liang-Xing on Deviantart

    The heart monitor beeped again, it's dull sound briefly echoing off the walls before fading completely, just in time for another beep. Jacob squirmed in his hospital bed, trying to get into a more comfortable position. Doing so proved difficult, since he was used to laying on his right side, but he was inhibited from doing that due to the IV in his right arm keeping him alive.
    Jacob looked at the clock. 10:30, it read. That meant the next nurse should be in to check on him in around 25 minutes. He closed his eyes, trying to get a bit of sleep before the next nurse came in as he heard the single door in his room open. He opened his eyes, a bit confused on why a nurse was in his room at that moment. The nurse walked towards his bed and set a clipboard down on a nearby table.
    "So, how are you feel
:icondwarfon:Dwarfon 135 4
D.Va TG [ Overwatch ] by Gwyndolin115 D.Va TG [ Overwatch ] :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 734 44 Mercy TG - Overwatch [Commission] by Gwyndolin115 Mercy TG - Overwatch [Commission] :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 397 31


Jessica Geare
all credit for her outfit goes to…

you can find the link to it here…

name:jessica geare




age:7(formerly 49)

desc:jessica geare was ahead of her time ......well behind it now if we must be accurate. she was fascinated with steam and machines before she understood what she could do with them . when she recieved a mechanical toy for her 7th birthday  she disassembled it several days later  and made a small mechanical bird out of it which then she named avain. the years would pass and she would disassemble anything she could to learn more all the while her companion at her side. she survived as a inventor/fix it shop/ scrap buyer. she was happy and successful for the most part......but she had felt she could push the limits of her creations a bit further. one day she had a thought about wishing she could change part of her past and wished she had a device to do so......and that is where young jessica now aged 30 got the idea to make a time machine. slowly but surely she worked steadily forsaking her other creations besides avian to build this wondrous marvel. her beautiful robots and machines that did oh so wonderful things went into disrepair.......but 19 years of work paid off when she made her time machine finally work. not thinking to test it she grabbed avian and dashed into the machine setting it to go 40 years into the future. she arrived in anothers lab and proclaimed herself the worlds first time traveler........only to see the surprised look on the inventors face. a side effect of the time travel was she had gone back in age one year for every year into the future she went. she was lucky she was still able to talk and walk but sadly reversing the difference in time wasnt as simple as going back 40 years.....she tried going back a year to reverse it but lost another year getting there and another making it back to the inventor. now she lives as his "daughter" while he attempts to help her fix her machine all the while she laments on how she overlooked this possibility while attempting to help fix her mistake and restore her age to where she should be.
Hana Kimi
all credit for her outfit and hair goes to

you can find a link to what i used here…

name:hana kimi






desc:hana kimi is a very beautiful young elf girl in edo japan who works to make ends meet as an orian. unlike alot of her fellow girls mainly the customers she gets do not wish for sex or to simply have a girl on their arm for the evening......they come to her for games.while most people think they are only for entertainment the cultured few know that they are entertainers.hana firmly has the title of being the most skilled with games .she has never been beaten but still always has people coming to hire her for the evening to try to best her. some even wager personal objects against her and she advises them not to but most insist that the risk makes their drive to win that much greater..since winning her first ante object she started collecting them all in a chest and says she will put up the chance to gain a object from her chest if they should happen to beat her but no one has yet. she is very intelligent and only became an oiran due to the other prospect of being prim and proper all the time simply did not appeal to her as is with the lifestyle of a geisha. she is much happier with her freedom to act how she chooses and not like a dog who must please its master with its every action. she has super sensitive ears and gets easily embarrassed when they are touched. when not playing games she usually walks on the beach and sings to no one. her voice is very beautiful but she feels like she couldn't handle the pressure of being onstage in front of so many.wishes to one day be beaten in any game though she would be most happy if the game she was beaten at was go due to it being her favorite.
Rem Nocturne
name:rem nocturne



race:dreamwalker,fox anthro

desc:rem nocturne is part of a race called dreamwalkers that are able to enter the dreams of man and interact with them even bringing objects out of the dreams and into reality. they are made up of energy and as such can manifest themselves however they see fit outside of dreams .rem is just beginning to learn to use her powers and when she attempts to manifest her powers she hurts herself her form taking damage equal to the object she was trying to bring thru . she is very inquisitive about things she dosent know but isnt trusting blindly knowing that has been the downfall of many of her kind before her. has a good weakness for jam and toast.she spends her days flitting between the waking world, the dream world and the dreams of man never truly stopping save to take in something new or to interact with something thats caught her interest  

credit for her outfit goes to… a link to the original deviation if you are interested
Captain Greta whitetail
all credit for her outfit goes to

heres a link if you are interestred…

name:greta whitetail


race: artic fox



group affiliation:justice

desc:greta whitetail is the captain of a group called justice, a group dedicated to fighting injustice wherever its found especially when children are involved. most members of her group are endowed with special abilities such a telekinesis, teleportation, speed, strength or sometimes abilities even odder than those. greta has the ability to produce ice with her touch or by blowing air from her mouth.her powers might be icy but her passionate fiery spirit runs hot when it comes to her teammates. originally losing her family to the firing of two opposing political groups at age 5 she vowed to become a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and the hopeless people . she learned from books what she could and what books could not teach her she sought out willing teachers who she learned the art of war from. she was soon ready by age 10 to start her campaign of justice but she needed help. she saw a young girl one day being harassed by some thugs and scared them off by firing into the leg of one of them making sure he could no longer be as imposing with a limp. she recruited her to her cause and soon many more like her though their ages varied the oldest being 19 and the youngest being 8. they are not afraid of fighting but they hate killing unless it cannot be avoided . Stories circulate about their group from the impossible, to the strange, to the extraordinary. People have questioned how the group seems to have been around for much longer then Greta has been alive and people ask how she is still her same age from the day it all began.........she simply laughs at them and says"It is not important but perhaps its cause of my icy demeanor.......or maybe because i know i must live to keep my cause alive for as long as possible" whatever the case if you ever see these girls.....just hope they aren't gunning for you.


hibari kyouya
United States
hey if anyone has any ideas for objects that could  be used in my tg captions

also if anyone has a picture they want to have made into a  caption just send me a link to the picture

i take requests but  it may take a couple of days to do  it since im  having to  help with some family matters

please feel free to add your ideas  to this journal as i crave ideas, pictures anything you deviants have to offer


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