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Ways To Annoy Rainbow Dash
alright I've recovered enough from the vicious beating Twilight gave me after the first chapter of this series to continue work on this For this one im choosing a pony with a hopefully better sense of humor(nervous laugh) so heres
                               WAYS TO ANNOY RAINBOW DASH
1.introduce rainbow dash to the cupcakes creepypasta. then arrange for pinkie pie to deliver cupcakes afterwards and make sure there is  a yellow one with pink frosting. then remark that you haven't seen fluttershy today.(before this give fluttershy tickets to an event involving animals thats out of ponyville as to leave her home empty)
2.spread a rumor that the wonderbolts are disbanding .
3.convince scootaloo that rainbow dash is looking for a protege but in order to get it she has to prove to her that shes worthy. suggest that attempting to spend as much time as possible with her will increase her odds greatly and t
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justice chapter 1. The chosen story
Chapter 1:the chosen story
Nopony was certain how the end of what was considered normal happened
Perchance it was a magic spell gone horribly haywire
Others think it was a remnant of the past reactivating in the worst way possible
Perhaps the planet just plain gave up and let itself begin to die
Be it magic, mistakes of the past come back to haunt, or divine intervention.....
                    All that was left of the world was wastes and nothing more
Many people with many stories now roamed thru it to make their mark within it.
So many stories but we can only tell one for the time being
Maybe we could follow the tale of a dj and her violinist who  sought to restore the culture the world lost
Or perhaps the tale of a vault dweller who sought a lost idol who escaped into the nights under everyponies watchful eye
Or maybe even we could look at the lives of every raider who thought himself a warlord cause he found himself a castle t
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alright I've recovered enough from the vicious beating Twilight gave me after the first chapter of this series to continue work on this For this one im choosing a pony with a hopefully better sense of humor(nervous laugh) so heres

                               WAYS TO ANNOY RAINBOW DASH

1.introduce rainbow dash to the cupcakes creepypasta. then arrange for pinkie pie to deliver cupcakes afterwards and make sure there is  a yellow one with pink frosting. then remark that you haven't seen fluttershy today.(before this give fluttershy tickets to an event involving animals thats out of ponyville as to leave her home empty)

2.spread a rumor that the wonderbolts are disbanding .

3.convince scootaloo that rainbow dash is looking for a protege but in order to get it she has to prove to her that shes worthy. suggest that attempting to spend as much time as possible with her will increase her odds greatly and to ask TONS of questions.

4. play pranks on the other members of the mane 6 and leave evidence to implicate rainbow dash as the culprit.

5.put rainbow dash X applejack artwork all over rainbow dash's walls and even in her locker at the wonderbolts. discord a pudding cup to make rainbow dash's wings vanish for 24 hours. then plant a fake cure in one of twilights books stating the only cure is to walk around town quacking like a duck and cannot explain to anypony why she is doing so .(you may need more than one pudding cup possibly, prepare to go into debt for this method ^^)

7.sneak into rainbow dash's bedroom and style her mane like raritys while shes asleep.

8.replace all her wonderbolt outfits with fancy dresses and really girly clothing

9. convince pinkie pie that rainbow dash's hair tastes like skittles .watch her get pursued by a pink blur attempting to see if this is true

10.put a small speaker under tanks shell and with a microphone randomly start making it seem like tank can talk. when she attempts to show others say nothing and enjoy the hilarity that ensues as she attempts to rationalize whats going on.

11.convince her that she has a secret admirer and make sure when you set up a meet with them applejack is there and thinks that its just a casual lunch. rainbow dash the rainbow factory creepypasta.

13.legally get rainbow dash's name changed to rainbow crash.

14.and finally simply let her browse deviantart and suggest she looks up pictures of her and her friends with X's in between each name

well hopefully you enjoyed these and thankfully this time it looks like im in the clear without a certain somepony finding-(crash)

rainbow dash(smashed thru my wall)so YOU are the funny guy whos been framing me for messing with my friends and for messing with my uniforms!(growls)

me:(gulps)h-hey easy its just a prank......i mean you like pranks right?

rainbow dash:grrr now when im the butt of them. im gonna enjoy-


rainbow dash(folds ears down and gulps)oh buck me.......

me(takes off at breakneck speed)see ya!

rainbow dash:! hey get back here jerk!(follows just as quickly)

pinkie pie(gives chase)YAY RUNNING !(bounces after us)

me:well(panting)this was ways to annoy rainbow dash, hopefully next time goes smoother but for now im gonna be running for life. next time im looking at either applejack or rarity as the next subject. feel free to leave ideas down in the comments for either if you wish but for now bye bye!


pinkie pie(grins)well just prove it with a little nibble and ill believe you(bouncing faster)hmmm i wonder if humans taste like anything

me:O_O oh boy i think i might be running for longer than i thought
Ways To Annoy Rainbow Dash
well here we are again with the coolest pony in ponyville as todays target ^^ hope you enjoy and if you have ideas for future ways to annoy anypony please leave them in the comments.
outfit belongs to    you can find a link to the export i used below…

teddy bear export belongs to

heres the link if you wanna try it out for yourself…




place of origin:germany

date of creation:1945

desc:beate was the formerly 10 inch tall doll of a small girl named samantha or sam as she preferred to be called .she loved being played with by sam and sam loved beate. she was a gift from sams father who was a soldier who had gone to fight in the war.he would send small gifts back along with letters which sam would read to beate, every day she would take beate to the mailbox with her and wait for a chance to receive a letter from her day the letters simply stopped coming......but a man did in a shiny black car.he came to inform sam and her mother that one of his fellow soldiers had shot their father in a drunken state while sams father was tending to a captured american. he was simply giving the young soldier a drink from his canteen,showing mercy to his fellow man when he heard the cock of a rifle and a scream of accusations calling him a traitor and a louse. sams father tried to explain they were not monsters simply men fighting for what each of their sides believed in but he never got the chance as his so called friend put three bullets in his chest and two in the captured soldier.sam and beates daily routine changed dramatically,beate was left inside while sam sat at the mailbox waiting for letters that would never come. playtime was less frequent and usually when it did come was made to be about tragedy or reflecting what had happened to her father. beate wished so dearly to be able to hug her grieving friend but knowing she wasn't real she would only dream the same dream day after day......until finally one truly dark day sam was hugging beate tight she felt her stiff arms hug sam tightly back. sam looked up at beate,now 5 foot 7 in height. still a doll but now more of a friend than just a simple toy.sams life seemingly was turning around ,she was playing with beate again and when sams mom would walk in she would revert to her original state .she wasnt able to control this but whatever magic brought her to life seemed to look out for was good for once.....until 3 years after the anniversary of sam's fathers passing . sam was taken to a hospital in bavaria with a bad cough and barely able to keep her head up. her body was simply attacking itself and eating itself up for no good reason. doctors were baffled and could only hope for a miracle.beate was left in her room and wept silently for her friend. the last moments of sams life she spent holding beate and the last gift her father sent her, a stuffed bear who she named sarge . beate was taken home by sams mother and left in sams empty room for decades until the mother finally passed as well. beate snuck out of the now empty home not wishing to simply be discarded along with the other belongings taking nothing but sarge along knowing how much he meant to sam. she simply kept walking and walking until she was many many miles from home and saw a sign that possibly would help her find a new home and purpose. that sign read"salvation army" she snuck into it and into a bin of childrens toys hoping to find a nice home with a loving child like sam was for all their many years of play.
Juvia Society
credits for the models goes to

credit for lucys outfit goes to

credit for ezras outfit goes to

this was a commission for in which the girls of fairy tail are more elegant now and seek to share that elegance with the world under the leadership of juvia. had to alter some details of what you wanted sadly since i couldnt figure out how to make them in kisekae . hopefully you still really like it
Angelika Klein
all credit for the outfit goes to…

heres a link to the original if you are interestred…

name:angelika klein (name means angelic though her last name means small much to her annoyance)



country of origin :germany

age of creation:1938

desc:originally a doll made just months before the war she was made to symbolize the country's strength and to get young children interested in the military.many male versions of her doll line were produced but she was the only female doll made and their was only one of her doll made. she was to be the gift to a young lady named morgan graveston. morgan was the daughter of hans graveston , a soldier in the german forces. he did not truly believe in the cause but he knew to defy it was certain death. he won angelika klein from a lottery just before he was to be deployed which consisted of only enlisted men and he was the winner.he gave her to his daughter and said that she will protect her in his absence and that she would do anything she asked of the doll. he was shipped out the next day and one month into conflict caught a bullet in his chest slowly bleeding out among his comrades .morgan whos mother had perished during child birth was sent to live with her grandfather  who was alone as well. she disliked him immediately since he was a drunk and when he drank all he would talk about was the glory of the fatherland and how her father had died for that ideal. she hated the war for taking away her father and more so her grandfather for being so in love with the idea of it all he could not see the young girl grieving for her father. over the next few months she gave angelika a background and personality making her the only female soldie ranked major. she was a bit sensitive about her height althought she made up for being short by being fierce and deadly with a pistol. she disliked the war but was forced into it by people who only saw the big picture and not the lives lost during it. also she made angelika reflective and remorseful about what she had to do to survive but also a kind caring soul as well. one day while playing she made angelika voice her hatred of war and her grandfather burst in grabbing morgan by the hair. he pulled her to the bed and threw her against it hard screaming about how she was a traitor to the fatherland and now he will punish her. he took off his belt intending to give her the beating to end all beatings . morgan cried out for help......and it was answered in a little girls voice. angelika stood up, alive as morgan was and the plastic pistol removed from its holster. she ordered the old man to surrender his weapon or face punishment. he laughed and said she was just a drunken delusion. she aimed the pistol at his leg and fired firing a real bullet tearing thru him. he howled in pain and dropped to the floor clutching his leg. she walked over and pressed the pistol against his beating chest . she looked at morgan who knew if she let him live he would just continue to hurt her or others so she nodded. angelika turned back and fired once into his chest. he fell limp and was gone within moments. his death was ruled a suicide his revolver in his hand and reeking of booze. morgan was sent to a orphanage where she was adopted 2 years later.angelika watched over her friend until she finally passed away due to illness and walked into a thrift shop climbing into a bin of used toys. for the first time since she stood up to help her friend, she closed her eyes to rest.for now her war was over and she was at peace.

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hey the following contains ponies and me just being kind of random. so just wanted to get that little bit out of the way.......well anyway i thought i would start a new series in which i would list ways to mess with alot of the ponies that alot of people love. hopefully you enjoy this and if you want to help with the next ponies how to annoy please just leave a comment below with your idea. without further interruption here is......

                             Ways to annoy Twilight Sparkle

1. convince her that she failed to complete a assignment and must go back to magic kindergarten to finish it. make #1 worse tell her that trixie is the teacher.

3. replace all of twilights books with fake books without her knowledge. watch as she attempts to open any book and not succeed with increasing frustration

4.replace all of the fake books (eventually) with erotica but put the old book covers on them to hide whats in them. then ask her a question regarding magic she will need to look up the answer to. also make sure spike sees what shes looking at.

5.introduce twilight to shining armor X twilight fanart on deviantart. if she asks what it is before she will look say its just fanart of them together.

6. tell twilight that princess celestia was replaced by princess molestia who plans to turn equestria into her personal harem. watch the hilarity as twilight attempts to prove your claims and looking very foolish. if she attempts to rationalize her actions by stating it was you who said them deny it and admit to nothing.

7.when shes asleep put a temporary tattoo of something completely random like a barbell over her cutie mark and convince her that she must have switched talents as she slept. repeat nightly until caught or run out of temporary tattoos

8.replace all letters to celestia with love letters saying how much she loves her teacher and wants to be more than just her student.also attempt to take this a step further by setting up a place for celestia to go and then tell twilight to meet a secret admirer at the same place.

9.when shes asleep dye her fur blue and mane white with a blue streak in it.make sure to apply a crescent moon with a wand cutie mark over her original one as well..also put her in trixies wagon before she wakes up . watch her reaction when she sees her reflection and thinks she turned into trixie somehow.also if you can convince trixie to be made up to look like twilight for extra laughs.

10.introduce twilight to the book TWILIGHT , convince her its an biography someone wrote about her.

11.and finally tell her that it is considered hoarding to own more than 20 books and she could possibly go to jail one year for each book over the limit so she will have to get rid of all of them except for 20

well hopefully you enjoyed these and well-


twilight(standing in the middle of the room)so you are the jerk whos been messing with me and my books.(glares)

me:(gulps)well i mean.......eheheheh it was all just meant for entertainments hard feelings?

twilight:oh ill show you a hard feeling(advances and moves off screen with me)




twilight:(walks back on screen)hmph! hopefully that taught you a lesson.....AND KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BOOKS! GOT IT!?!?

me:(weak groan)g-got it......(crawling back on screen partially)

twilight:good!(teleports away)

me:w-well that was ways to annoy twilight..........hopefully the next time i do this it ends better but for now im gonna heal up before next time.i think the next one will either be rainbow dash or applejack.hoped you enjoyed this and hope to see you here next time(passes out)
Ways To Annoy Twilight Sparkle
I had done something similar to this years ago but with naruto and i thought people might enjoy it if i made something with my little pony.anyways i think im gonna be doing applejack or rainbow dash next so if you wanna possibly help or get one of your ways to annoy them featured comment your idea below ^^ anyways enjoy


hibari kyouya
United States
hey if anyone has any ideas for objects that could  be used in my tg captions

also if anyone has a picture they want to have made into a  caption just send me a link to the picture

i take requests but  it may take a couple of days to do  it since im  having to  help with some family matters

please feel free to add your ideas  to this journal as i crave ideas, pictures anything you deviants have to offer


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