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Belladonna Moriarty :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 6 0
My Life With Pinkie Pie Ch 1
"With celestias permission I hope to allow you to keep our photos , our memories, with you so that you will never forget. again i love you and thank little daughter always, your little dashie forever, Rainbow Dash." the voice on my computer said as I sat back tears in my eyes as I finished watching My Little Dashie for the latest time.I forgot how many times ive seen it but it had become my favorite piece of fanmade work in the MLP community.Sometimes i have envisioned myself having the same story play out with different ponies .....rarity....applejack.....twilight.....even derpy hooves  whom was one of my favorites but there was one pony whom I wished that would happen with more than anypony.
Pinkie Pie
She wasnt simply just a silly party pony in my eyes, she was more of the physical representation of my own personal crazy life.not that my life was filled with changeling attacks, chocolate rain, and the occasional animation glitch. but more in the sense that it see
:iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 2 1
Ways To Annoy Rainbow Dash
alright I've recovered enough from the vicious beating Twilight gave me after the first chapter of this series to continue work on this For this one im choosing a pony with a hopefully better sense of humor(nervous laugh) so heres
                               WAYS TO ANNOY RAINBOW DASH
1.introduce rainbow dash to the cupcakes creepypasta. then arrange for pinkie pie to deliver cupcakes afterwards and make sure there is  a yellow one with pink frosting. then remark that you haven't seen fluttershy today.(before this give fluttershy tickets to an event involving animals thats out of ponyville as to leave her home empty)
2.spread a rumor that the wonderbolts are disbanding .
3.convince scootaloo that rainbow dash is looking for a protege but in order to get it she has to prove to her that shes worthy. suggest that attempting to spend as much time as possible with her will increase her odds greatly and t
:iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 1 0
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Ways To Annoy Twilight Sparkle :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 2 1
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1 Million Views Transformation Joy
    JD, also known on the Internet as Firingwall, was busy one day writing another Patreon story.  This one involved a little TG, some anthro animal action, and some muscle and weight gain.  It was a collection of themes he had written a bit over the years, ones he rather liked.
    As he wrote, the door to his “studio” swung open and his blue slime girl fiancée, Rachel, ran in excitedly.  She was waving her arms and cellphone about, declaring, “Holy crap, holy crap!  You did it!  You finally did it!”
    JD nearly fell from his seat when she burst into the room excitedly.  “Whoa easy!” JD stated, adjusting himself his computer chair, “What the heck are you going on about?”
    “Thisthisthis!” She excitedly rambled without breath, shoving her cellphone in his face.
    He pushed it away just a tiny bit and looked at th
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 39 10
.:Shell Dress:.(+export) by Amaltheawolf .:Shell Dress:.(+export) :iconamaltheawolf:Amaltheawolf 89 5 [EXPORTS-Maru] Stereotipic Hairstyles Pack01 by Mafu-Maru [EXPORTS-Maru] Stereotipic Hairstyles Pack01 :iconmafu-maru:Mafu-Maru 23 2 Luminants - Enigmas of the Gateworld by TheDangerCat Luminants - Enigmas of the Gateworld :iconthedangercat:TheDangerCat 102 18 One Size Fits All by runningtoaster One Size Fits All :iconrunningtoaster:runningtoaster 262 18 Mr. Fenrich's Revenge (Girl to Full Cow TF) by Sera-fuku Mr. Fenrich's Revenge (Girl to Full Cow TF) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 108 11 Com: Hungry for Hungary (Cow TF) by Sera-fuku Com: Hungry for Hungary (Cow TF) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 80 3 Welcome To Lon Lon Ranch Colored (for Da-Fuze) by Sera-fuku Welcome To Lon Lon Ranch Colored (for Da-Fuze) :iconsera-fuku:Sera-fuku 169 19


Victoria Fries
all credit for her hair goes to

you can find a link to it here…

name:victoria fries





desc:victoria fries life before she woke up one day alone in an alleyway was a complete mystery. the only things she knew upon waking was her name and that she was a yukionna, an ice spirit. beside her was a worn blade that she felt held some significance to her so she took it as well venturing out of the alleyway. she received many odd looks for her acting so disoriented but she didnt seem to care for their looks only finding it mildly annoying. she exudes a constant cold aura which increases or decreases depending on her anxiety. she has a extreme aversion to people touching her and reacts with a hairpin trigger when its done to her. while she knows her name and that it is correct deep in her gut, no record seems to exist for her. not a birth record, highschool register, not even so much as a picture of her before the day she woke up. despite her somewhat icy personality and demeanor she enjoys pizza the most out of all of the foods she eats and even the company of some stray cats that seem drawn to her. she survives on doing jobs for people under the table ,menial work and the like but nothing degrading. she was hired a few times to be a bodyguard for an important actor when he would come thru the city and even has begun to pay her monthly to keep her on retainer ,mainly doing so to make sure his new friend always has money and food in her stomach.she has light skill with the sword she carries much to her susprise and also the ability to control ice and create it at will though if its truly hot her ability takes a harder toll on her body. she desperately wants answers as to who she is , why no record of her exists , and why she cant remember anything.


hibari kyouya
United States
hey if anyone has any ideas for objects that could  be used in my tg captions

also if anyone has a picture they want to have made into a  caption just send me a link to the picture

i take requests but  it may take a couple of days to do  it since im  having to  help with some family matters

please feel free to add your ideas  to this journal as i crave ideas, pictures anything you deviants have to offer


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