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Nikki's New Life - Anthro Renamon TFTG :iconwolfiortg:WolfiorTG 9 28
Kisekae Update 7-23-17 New hair + Lower on screen by RainbowFan256 Kisekae Update 7-23-17 New hair + Lower on screen :iconrainbowfan256:RainbowFan256 15 16 Mystery by 12-tf Mystery :icon12-tf:12-tf 89 21 The woods by JamsnJellies The woods :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 236 19 CMSN - Drag-On! by JamsnJellies CMSN - Drag-On! :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 1,045 46 Jellizabeth out hunting dragons by JamsnJellies Jellizabeth out hunting dragons :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 215 35 Dance with devils (not actually devils) by JamsnJellies Dance with devils (not actually devils) :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 48 17 Happy birthday DNA by JamsnJellies Happy birthday DNA :iconjamsnjellies:JamsnJellies 73 13
Welcome darlings~ (Renamon TF TG event)
(I was changed by :iconAwestriker007:, this event was started by :iconjonathanwardjr:. Pic acquired from google, but the original art is here: *You make me blush* by the talented :icondoomxwolf:. If said fluffier wishes for me to not use this beauty for this, I shall comply. )
O-oh.....~ My head, it's all still shaky from being transformed..... Oh, hello there~
Sorry sweeties,  Igot infected. But there's no need to worry, we can still cuddle~
*A nearby advanced virus fabricator and syringe gun has dials set to "Seductive" and "That one friend who is hot as hell but are perpetually in the friend zone with" *
:iconcrazedfoxmrn:crazedfoxmrn 8 177
Playboy Cover : Temari by WhyCantIFindIt Playboy Cover : Temari :iconwhycantifindit:WhyCantIFindIt 955 67
Renabration (Renamon Body Swap TG)
I clacked away once more at the keys of my keyboard as I looked at my Deviantart account. To my shock, I found that I had just reached 10,000 views! I scratched my chin with my index finger, as I pondered on what to do next. How should I celebrate? Should I get drunk and play Skyrim for eight hours? Should I beat up Phil? Should I write a poem about the inner-workings of Dragon's Crown? Should I go on a magical quest to find seven wish-granting orbs? I sat there impatiently, and continued to stew in my thoughts. What could I possibly do that I haven't done already? Just as I was about to give up hope on writing something new and unique, I heard the garbage cans at the back of my house fall over.
It was that stupid neighborhood cat again, I knew it! Even Ziggy wouldn't pull this kind of crap, all he ever does is steal my body! That other cat likes to knock over my trash cans constantly, he's much more of a pain than Ziggy was! I got off the chair, and walked briskly down the stairs. I t
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 94 63
Renamon TG
It had been an interesting day for Jack as he got on the bus to go home. Class was as usual a little
boring but at the same time it was interesting. He walked to the back of the bus and soon found his
girlfriend Sakura sitting there and joined her.
For the past few days he had felt strange about her and it was something that he liked about her.
He had vague memories of her not being at school until a few days ago but at the same time he had
memories or knowing her for years. They talked and she asked Jack to come home with her.
"Come on Jack it will be fun, plus I have a really comfy couch and my mom says that it is special".
"Ok but I have to be at my house by 6 o clock".
After another 20 minutes they arrived at her house. It took them a few more minutes to get to her
house and she showed him in, and then headed off to her room to change her clothes. And then he
thought about what he was wearing which was a t-shirt with a picture of a basketball team on it.
Jack put his backpack and s
:iconmusicallover1234:Musicallover1234 60 30
Kylo Renamon (Renamon TF TG)
In a galaxy far far away, a powerful threat to the galaxy had emerged. It was a dark day for the galaxy as the Starkiller base loomed over a nearby planet housing a Republic base. Aboard the colossal planet destroyer was Kylo Ren, a mysterious individual clad in black armor and robes. Adorning Ren's face was a silver-plated mask. Kylo Ren was a powerful warrior belonging to sect of strong warriors. Ren served under the dark lord Snoke and was tasked with finding the last of the Jedi, a man who destroyed the previous Empire alongside a group of friends and rebels. This man was Luke Skywalker and he was the greatest source of Ren's hatred.
The dark warrior was quick to anger, brought on by an immense hatred and a desire to live up to the Sith Lords of old. Little did Ren know, a virus was uploading itself onto Starkiller Base as he wandered the halls. Ren wandered the halls of the base, saluting nearby soldiers as heard a rather annoyed grunt coming from a nearby hall. "Not again!" He he
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 38 46
Goop Wall by blackshirtboy
Mature content
Goop Wall :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 616 13
CMSN- changed in a room by blackshirtboy
Mature content
CMSN- changed in a room :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 736 20
CMSN- Crashed by blackshirtboy CMSN- Crashed :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 224 10


Ally Comedy
all credit for her outfit goes to…

name:ally comedy






desc:ally comedy was born ally starling though that would change at age 26 when she married a young clown named comedia. but thats getting ahead in her story. she was born the talented daughter of two famous bakers who made the most delicious pies in the whole kingdom. they traveled selling their deserts across the land though ate age 23 they stopped by a small circus to sell them a huge order of pies. she met a young clown named comedia who was trying to hone his act and find his niche. he was practicing jokes by his lonesome ,saying his jokes to the open air when she walked up from behind and began to listen. he finally told a good joke which made her laugh loudly causing him to fall backwards in fright. she helped him up and it was love at first sight. for all the time they were by the camp she snuck away to see him and listen to his act. with a adoring audience of one comedias act grow in leaps and bounds but when the day would come to leave she was about to leave with her parents but then she suddenly ran off and found him telling him she wasnt going to leave because she found something worth staying for. With a nervous smile he asked what it was and she just kissed his nose and said "its you stupid" for nearly 3 years they dated with ally cooking food for alot of the acts and spending almost all of her personal time with comedia until the day he proposed. the day of their wedding was the most perfect day of their life.....until soldiers broke in and handcuffed her. in this world there was a group called darkstream that had began a bloody campaign years ago and her uncle was found to have been part of it. she was arrested on the assumption her family was darkstream sympathizers . comedia was going to fight the soldiers but she stressed to him that she would be back , that this would be found to be false. for several days he waited for her return in the church.....on the third day they returned her bloody ring and said she died during a rage he tried to hurt them but they beat him nearly to death.........on that day comedia could no longer make a good joke as his reason for happiness was gone , his muse had been shattered by monsters who wore the armor of soldiers . he would later go on to join them to end the world that no longer housed his beloved ,though there was hope for her return and resurrection .....but thats a story for another time unfortunately.
Rhoda Sanchez
name:rhoda sanchez






desc:rhoda sanchez is the author of the "knights of nevermore" series which chronicles the adventures of 5 knights who are tasked to save the realm from an impending army of the undead  but they need a special weapon to put an end to it once and for all. she has a hard time writing them due to the fact that she was born blind though her publisher has a girl who comes over to type up her chapters so she dosent have to struggle with doing it herself .she is a very sweet individual whom loves to make others happy even at the cost of her own happiness. she dosent like having a big fuss made about her so usually when shes out if she has a issue with service somewhere she overlooks it simply saying thats its fine. she is currently single and living alone in her small house with her seeing eye dog , jack who is a german sheppard. she loves her dog and spoils him to no end. jack is very protective of her and usually over reacts to simple things but thankfully he is easily calmed down or else his outbursts would be bad to handle. she manages her disability well and dosent like it when people try to treat her differently due to the fact that shes blind. she usually just ignores them but if they continue to try even after shes told them she will chew them out big time. she might have a good bit of tolerance for people annoying her but she has her limits.loves walking on the beach, playing with jack, writing and just listening to nature.
Snow Lily
name:snow lily


race:fox anthro


desc:snow lily was born on the coldest day of the year in December on the 15th in 2009. her parents loved her very much until their death 5 years later in a car crash on a icy road while heading home from her grandparents home despite the grandparents warnings that the road might be icy.she was unharmed for the most part sustaining only a few lacerations while her parents died on impact when their car hit a telephone pole hard. now she lives at her grandparents house though she has become very withdrawn and sullen following their passing. she spends most of her time ,reading,drawing, or just staring off into space  and occasionally talking if she is forced into a conversation though she wont seek one out like she used to.  she always seems to be cold and is always seen wearing her moms scarf and gloves no matter how hot the weather. she only takes them off briefly to wash them once a week and during that time dosent leave the washer and dryer until they are back in her possession. she loves cats and one day wishes to own one but her grandma is very allergic so for now its impossible for her to have one.
name:blue winters





desc:blue winters originally went missing at age 4 from her family home after the brutal double murder of her parents she was missing for exactly three years when she walked into a gas station beaten bruised and burned ,and barely alive. she pulled thru with many surgeries and reconstructive surgery but many of the scars she received will never fully heal. why she was taken and where she was for all of that time will not ever be figured out as either she does not remember where she was or didnt know or that she simply refuses to make herself recall anything of those the time of recovery she had a collar with a chain around it fixed to her neck and it would seem she broke the chain to escape.she has a fear of most females now and usually hides behind the nearest male if one comes into the room.before her disappearance she was described as a fun loving little girl who loved to laugh and play with her she hasnt smiled in the time she has been back and has become rather introverted expressing a desire to spend most of her time alone anymore .seems to suffer from horrible night terrors anymore and has to take something to sleep to avoid dreams. she loves to read books especially fantasy books but due to a poor level of reading comprehension she has to have most books read to her.her favorite series is "the winds of the forest" which chronicles a young warriors quest to save his home and people from a great evil which threatens to consume them all if left unchecked. she is usually carrying her stuffed rabbit toy which is the last thing she has left of her parents anymore .her left hand is burned very badly and skin grafts are not possible due to the level of damage to it. needs a home with a single male father and lots of attention and love to make up for the hardship she has endured. 


hibari kyouya
United States
hey if anyone has any ideas for objects that could  be used in my tg captions

also if anyone has a picture they want to have made into a  caption just send me a link to the picture

i take requests but  it may take a couple of days to do  it since im  having to  help with some family matters

please feel free to add your ideas  to this journal as i crave ideas, pictures anything you deviants have to offer


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