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Objectalypse (Bronze Horse TF + Mannequin TF TG)
I walked along the path outside of my house as I fearfully trotted down the darkened path. I had a bit of a nervous twitch as I looked over my shoulder. Fear had gripped me ever since the other night, which got a lot of people in a tizzy. That night, various people turned into differing inanimate objects. That night, I had been at a clothing store and noticed a man leering at a female mannequin in a rather goofy manner. His name was James and he seemed to be a rather nice fellow. I met him on a few occasions, but never really got know him all that well. As he leered at the mannequin, I noticed that his movements were getting slower and slower. His skin looked like it was changing color and makeup, it even had a fine plastic-like finish! I was so awestruck by this, that all I could do was just stand there and watch.
The buttons on top of his shirt started to pop off as two large mounds emerged from his chest. His hips became wider as his torso narrowed, his legs became much thinner as h
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name:muffy vermillion



race:spider girl

likes:learning about japanese culture, playing with dolls, and watching cartoons

desc:muffy is a very shy but curiosu spider girl who loves playing with her dolls and putting on shows for her friends using her multiple appendages to play multiple roles at the same time.she loves japanese culture her birth parents having been japanese and barely knows of that culture due to her being taken to america at a young age and her parents passing away shortly afterwards. she would one day love to make it back to her homeland and see what it looks like in person instead of just in books and on the internet.
Pamela Primrose
name:pamela primrose



orientation:bisexual but prefers men


hobbies:web surfing, playing games on her phone, reading romance novels

desc:pamela is a secretary for omnicorp whom is totally burned out at her job and wishes for an extreme change of scenery . she spends her days web surfing and doing the bare minimum for her job so she dosent get fired. she keeps getting yelled at for not going above and beyond but she could care less. she has recently gotten interested in the concept of sissies though she feels like it would be way too annoying to have to have one totally dependant on her but would like to try having one at least once .can usually be found with her nose stuck deep in a romance novel but lately even those have begun to bore her . would one day love to travel the world if she had enough money and just keep traveling without having to set down roots until she would reach an age that wouldnt allow travel to be easy or fun anymore.
name:cora davis


race:tiger girl


occupation:admin for an anime sight


desc:cora is a very shy tiger girl who loves anime and isnt very good around boy. she admires a very well built rabbit boy from afar and has never had the courage to approach him once. she has hoped one of the things she has seen in anime would happen to her in real life and bring them together that way but unfortunately it dosent seem like it will happen anytime soon that way. she loves yaoi anime the most and is teased for reading her yaoi in school having it called porn and smut by people who dont get her in the slightest. has a few good friends who love anime like she does but they are very few and far between
A Fancy Affair
"Alright undyne time to go to the theater for mettatons performance!"-alphys

"How did you talk me into wearing a dress?"-undyne

"Because if you dressed up tonight for the premiere I said we could do anything you wanted afterwards."-alphys

"...........Oh yeah, that was a pretty convincing reason."-undyne

It would seem alphys got undyne to go to one of mettatons theater performances and in a dress no less.Hopefully the reward is worth having to wear a dress.......and see mettaton doing the same most likely.



age:constructed to look 23


desc:the pana model android was developed by computech in the year 20XX . she is the perfect hostess never failing to complete a drink and or food order as well as complying with any request to entertain a customer within reason that would not endanger her existence or the life of the customer. incredibly polite and kind though having a good perverted streak as well never ceasing to entice anyone with her cute saunter and smile. on stage she is able to perform most stripper routines with relative ease though has some difficulty with some of the faster routines due to their joints not able to maintain that speed for minutes on end. all aspects of her are customizable and changeable though her height is fixed being one of the shortest ones in the line of hostess also has been programmed to be embaressed when picked up by a client and teased


hibari kyouya
United States
hey if anyone has any ideas for objects that could  be used in my tg captions

also if anyone has a picture they want to have made into a  caption just send me a link to the picture

i take requests but  it may take a couple of days to do  it since im  having to  help with some family matters

please feel free to add your ideas  to this journal as i crave ideas, pictures anything you deviants have to offer


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